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Equipment: Balloon Drier
Equipment Type: Drying Equipment -> Others
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Main Features: SALIENT FEATURES » Efficient drying system for hosiery cloth. » Temperature and feeding rate can be controlled precisely for sensitive materials. » Optimize power requirement helps in cost effectiveness of the equipment.
Description: It comprises of vertically mounted perforated tubular structure connected with hot air system, where hot air is introduced from the bottom of the tube. The same hosiery cloth is allowed to fall from the top - surrounding the tube, in such a fashion so that the hot air coming out of the tube makes the cloth like a balloon shape because of the inflation and thus dried. The speed of the hosiery cloth feeding from the top is controlled by means of VFD, coupled with a driving motor to meet the specific requirement depending on the capacity. The number of tubes may vary from 2 to 6 and can give an output from 80 kg to 500 kg per hour of hosiery cloth, depending on the moisture contained.
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